Thursday, February 19, 2009

11 to go!

I come to you tonight a tired woman. Yes, I have to admit that the radiation did, in fact, make me tired and a bit achy! I hit my wall this week, but I do believe that it could have been much worse. All of my treatments could have been much worse, and I am truly thankful that they weren't. We should all remember that as bad as we may think we have it, there is someone else in a worse situation. They may not have the faith, family, and friends to help them along the way.

Last week was a difficult week. For me personally, I was in a great deal of pain and had to get a root canal. Once the root canal was performed my pain eased up and life got much better.

The worst part of the week occurred on Monday night. A former co-worker and friend, and her husband were involved in an accident. Rich Sims was killed and his wife, Judy, was hurt badly. Judy will be in the hospital for 12 weeks as she recovers. She isn't allowed to move her pelvis. She has what I call "rebar" coming out of her body which is attached to screws in her pelvis. Destiny and I spent Saturday with her while her children buried their father. She was not able to travel to Nashville for the burial. It was hard to be there knowing what she was going through and how much more she has to deal with. There was little we could really do except be there to be whatever she needed us to be. Judy is going to be fine. She has a great deal of faith, as did Rich. That will get her through her recovery and she will need it more once she returns home. I ask that everyone keep her in their prayers.

Life is a beautiful thing and it is my hope that everyone embraces it and makes the most of everyday. Enjoy your family and friends everyday. If you need to tell someone that you love them, do it! Don't wait.

Love you all,


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mlynnham said...

Hope you are feeling good. Mar 9 will be here before you know it.

Love you,

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