Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AWESOME Ultrasound!

I had the best ultrasound this morning! It was the first one on my affected breast since surgery and treatment. I don't think any of us in the room (me, Woody, Dr. Steely, Nurse Judy) expected what we saw...FEWER cysts than ever before! Dr. Steely said, "I'm taking pictures for reference" because there really wasn't much to mark as far as cysts go!

I am so thankful for this, and will be doing a post very soon discussing many things I am thankful for so stay tuned!

Have a blessed day, I sure did!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Blogs...

Good morning! I did an update on the SeePink2 blog this morning and felt guilty about not doing one on my original blog, so here it is!

Great story unfolding on the See Pink blog, so check it out.

I was supposed to be at my surgeon's office this morning for my ultrasound. I have not had one on my affected breast since surgery and treatment, so I was a bit frustrated when I learned that I would have to reschedule my appointment. You see, I didn't double check to make sure that my referral was current. So, I had to contact my primary care doc to ask them to contact Tri-care for the referral. I think my frustration level increased when I found out that I would have to wait until Friday for it to be requested, since the person at the office who takes care of those things only does so on Fridays.

Then I contacted the surgeon's office to reschedule, again, for next week. Thankfully, when I called I spoke to Judy, Dr. Steely's nurse. She calmed me down and scheduled me for next week. She is just wonderful and I've always been thankful for her...except when she took my drainage tubes out after surgery...boy did that hurt like the dickens!!! lol lol Seriously, I appreciate that she calmed me right down about it. Everything is going to be fine when I go, but I think I had just worked myself up to get it over with today.

Back to responsibility. It was all on me. I am always saying that it is our responsibility to make sure we take care of ourselves, especially when it comes to our health. So, part of that is making sure details such as referrals are handled and that appointments can be met. Putting that off on someone else is wrong. I will need to be better and make sure that I write down what needs to be done and when!

Have a great day everyone. I hope that it is filled with wonderful memories no matter what you have going on!!

Love you all,


Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Blog, New Mission!

Good morning. I want to encourage you all to check my new blog...See Pink. It kicks off a new venture with my friend, and fellow breast cancer alum Kelly Blevins. The link is to the right under "My Blogs".

Have a great Sunday and God Bless.

Love you all,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday I had my first mammogram since my diagnosis and everything came back good, just like it did last year.

I've got to make sure that I do a couple of things when it comes to mammograms:

1. Remember that Dr. Steely (my surgeon) said that I still needed them although it was not a mammogram that detected my cancer!

2. Remember that Dr. Steely (my surgeon) said that I still needed them although it was not a mammogram that detected my cancer!

Mammograms are crucial for women and should never be taken lightly. Per Dr. Steely, a mammogram might see something in my breasts that his ultrasound cannot. This is the case even with my dense breast tissue. So, for me, it becomes a piece of the pie that makes up my screening plan. I also found out yesterday that I will be required, for a while, to have a mammo on my left breast every six months. Joy, joy, joy!!! lol lol

I am scheduled for my ultrasound with Dr. Steely next Wednesday. This will be the first one on my left breast since my surgery and treatment. If I'm totally honest, then I guess I would have to say that I am a bit nervous about it. I don't know if the scar tissue is going to hinder the test, but I will find out next week!

Speaking of ultrasounds, I had one on my ovaries a couple of weeks ago! My new gyno wanted to have a baseline on them now that I have had breast cancer. I was kinda hoping she would say something like, "They look rough, let's just take them out and everything else out"! I don't need them, I'm not having children, and I don't need anymore hormones threatening my breasts so why not get rid of them??!!! You know I'm already hot flashing like crazy, so what's something else to add to the fun??!! Alas my ovaries are good to go and I'm keeping it all for now!!

Kelly Blevins and I are working out the details regarding our new support group, so stay tuned for more info.

Have a wonderful hump day!

Love you all,


Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's about time!

Good afternoon. After church this morning and before my nursery duty, Destiny reiterated that I had not updated my blog in quite some time!! So, here it is.

I am very excited about moving forward with a new support group. Kelly Blevins is moved to do the same, so we are going to put our efforts together and do something grand! I am sure we will put together a blog just for the group and I will post a link to it on this page. Kelly is so much more disciplined than me, so it should stay updated without much delay! I won't put all of the writing responsibility on her, but as long as I know that she will be expecting me to write, I will get it done.

Last weekend I had the best time with Melanie at Hilton Head Island! I was her companion since her husband couldn't go. Her son, Wade, brought a friend and we all had a great time. I will post some pictures later. I did discover that too much sun and tamoxifen doesn't mix!! I broke out with a rash that soon went away after I stayed out of the sun for a few days. That is one side effect that I'm not really excited about!!!

This afternoon I have to go to the gym and get back on it with my Half Marathon training. I really haven't done anything this week and I can't let that become a habit. So, it is off to the treadmill this afternoon!

Take care everyone. Have a blessed week, happy running, and love you all!


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