Friday, November 28, 2008

We Say Merry Christmas!

I titled this blog "We Say Merry Christmas" because we do! Anytime someone says "Happy Holidays" I always answer with "Merry Christmas". I'm sure there are many employers who do not allow their associates to say antyhing that might "offend" someone, so, those associates often have no choice in the matter and I can respect that. We have bumper stickers that we got from Bill O'Reilly when I ordered Woody a "no pin-heads" door mat that are ready to get taped in the window (we don't apply actual bumper stickers to our cars)! As you have probably guessed, they say "We Say Merry Christmas"!!

I love the Christmas season! Family and friends are everything and this time of the year really makes one reflect about what is important. Of course, this Christmas season is especially important to us. I'm so blessed to have my husband at home while I go through the bump in the road. Today we strung the lights on our Christmas tree and put all of the ornaments on it. It is quite pretty and festive!

On the cancer front: I have been a bit tired this week and have actually taken naps! My Neulasta shot made me achy and it lasted through last night. Again, it wasn't excrutiating, but it was constant enough to make me aware of it! I have continued to be blessed by not really being sick from the chemo. I have experienced the "chemo brain" quite a lot lately. It is so hard to remember things from one minute to the next. I have also been experiencing "hot flashes"!! Those are not fun, trust me! But, I will take them over throwing up any day of the week!!

We got a wonderful Christmas present today...Alabama beat Auburn!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! We end the regular season undefeated and meet Flroida in the SEC championship game next Saturday. Can we all say "BEAT FLORIDA"?!

Take care and I love you all!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Down and One to Go!!!

Well, yesterday I had my 3rd chemo, did a final walk-through for a closing this evening, and showed a house! Today, I took it a bit calls from home, Neulasta shot, and a closing at 5!!!!

As before, I have been responding well with chemo. My face was quite red this morning and I woke with a headache that 2 extra strength tylenol and a big cup of coffee seems to be knocking out! I am praying that I continue with this type of response this week and after my last treatment on December 15th. I am sure it will, because I have been on more prayer list than you can imagine. If you think prayer doesn't work, just ask me! Thank you to all of prayer angels!

I hope you all have plans for a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Woody and I are going to Destiny's for some good eating! She is making the turkey and a few sides (apple pie!!) and we are bringing dressing, sweet potato casserole, and homemade pumpkin roll. She said if I am feeling bad from the Neulasta shot, then I can just march myself right over in my pjs!!! Now that is a true friend, and one that just might see me in my pjs!!!

I am getting excited about my presentation on the 5th to the Clarksville Mom's Club on breast cancer. I will talk briefly about my diagnosis, surgery and treatment as well as show my mammogram film and ultrasound results. The big difference will be the mammogram said "all clear" and the ultrasound said "you have breast cancer". I have gotten a box of booklets from one company that has a lot of good information in them. I am going to put together additional info for the packets that I hope someone will find helpful.

I have found a neat little game for them to play for door is "breast cancer bingo"!! It is cool because on the back of each card will be a fact that I will read about nutrition, exercise, etc.

Well, I am going to close now. I am getting a little tired. My mouth and lips are dry from the chemo and my body is beginning to ache a bit from the shot. That is all to be expected, so no worries! I have been extremely blessed through this whole thing and expect to have the same type of results from the radiation after the first of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving and I love you all!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Realty!

Good morning!

Well, Meli leaves this morning and we've had a great weekend! Yesterday after church we picked up a few things at Walmart and came home to bake. I made my FIRST ever pumpkin rolls and they both came out beautifully!! Look out world...Lynne is probably getting on a pumpkin roll!! (no pun intended, of course!)

Seriously, it was wonderful having Meli here. We enjoyed some much overdue time together. There's nothing like cancer to help one remember what, and especially who, is important in life! If there is anyone in my life that I have forgotten to say "I love you and appreciate you" to, please know that I do love and appreciate you!

Today is chemo #3. WOO HOO!!! I will let you know how it goes later in the week.

Have a wonderful week and a beautiful Thanksgiving!!

Love you all,


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best Friends are Awesome!!

I am so excited! My friend, Meli, of over 20 years will arrive in Nashville tomorrow morning!! We will get to enjoy some much overdue time together. We used to have two weekends each year where we went to the beach and to Atlanta for Christmas shopping. Life, of course, took over and those weekends seemed to end. Since moving to Clarksville, we have started them back up and have enjoyed shopping at Opry Mills and hanging out in Clarksville each November.

This weekend, thanks to the Neulasta shot, I get to shop with her and not wear a mask!! We will only hit the mall on Friday for a few hours and then head to Clarksville for the rest of the weekend. She is going to teach me to make her famous pumpkin roll and I can't wait!! It is yummy and I'm sure there are no calories at all so I can make many for the holidays!!!!!

I have to thank Destiny, again, for helping me break through my Brick Wall on Monday! Her ability to move right into "we can get through anything" mode was right on time!! By Tuesday morning I was back to myself. Yesterday she and I were back at Kohl's. This was her shopping trip, but she moved right over the hat section again and helped me find a new fun hat that doesn't feel like it is going to fall down over my eyes!! She also came across a headband (we were laughing because I was trying on actual me, it was funny to see!!) that I can actually use as a head scarf. It doesn't hang down in the back like the "cancer scarves" I have found online. I just don't care for those because they scream "I'm sick" and I don't like to feel that way everyday. Des, you are the best!!!

A big shout out to Laurie and the "little people"!! It was fun hanging out for a bit yesterday. I just can't get over how much Sidney and Noah are growing and changing. Sidney is going to be just like her Mom and I'm so glad!!!! Noah is just fun to be around because he just seems to have the "don't worry, be happy" attitude!! Bet he will make it through life a bit easier because of it. Love you, girl.

I had better go now. I must get ready for work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all,


Monday, November 17, 2008

Brick Walls

Well it finally happened. I hit my brick wall today! Actually, it was last night and it just carried over to this morning. I suppose even those of us with the most optimistic outlooks can have bad days. Thankfully, I sit here tonight feeling much better. It is amazing what a few tears can do for you.

As much as I really don't mind that my hair is gone and it appears that white is moving in, I just really didn't want to bald today! After Destiny cut some pretty cute bangs on my wig this morning, I felt like I looked like my old self again. Of course, at the end of the day the wig had to come off! They really aren't very comfortable and I am enjoying the freedom of being bald sitting on my couch!

I am going to close now. Things are heating up in Real Estate today, so I am hopeful that I will be busy with offers over the next few days! Send good vibes my way!

Love you all,


Friday, November 14, 2008


GREAT NEWS...THE NEULASTA SHOT WORKED!!!!!!!!! That's right, my white count went from "plummetting" to "skyrocketing"! Dr. Patel was very happy to see my numbers increase so much. He said that I could do my floor duty on Monday without worrying too much and could also shop for a bit with Melanie when she comes without wearing a mask! Yippeee!!!

I gathered some information today from Dr. Patel (oncologist) and Dr. Steely (surgeon) to put together a presentation about breast cancer and my story. Laurie has asked me to speak to her Mom's Club in December or January and I am very excited about it. I am hopeful that I can put together a really good presentation and be able to share it with others as well. Wish me luck!

Well, I am going to close now. Woody has gone to get Chinese food for dinner. Destiny and I had to travel a bit this afternoon to check on a listing, so I am ready for a relaxing night!

Love you all,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blood work Friday

Hi. I come to you tonight with high hopes that my blood work will show great results from my Neulasta shot! The first time, as you may remember, my white count "plummeted" and that is why I had to do the shot after my second chemo. The blood work tomorrow will show whether it worked or not. I am optimistic that it did its job. If it didn't, then I will just hibernate to a small degree after my next chemo! No need to feel achy and sore if it doesn't work, righ?!

Oh, just a note from the bald side...I seem to be growing a little bit of hair as I am losing it!! Crazy, huh? I am excited to report that it appears my new hair is very, very blonde!!! Yes, I said blonde because I don't believe it is white unless it is white in the sense that I will once again be a "toe head"!!! For those of you who may not get that, it means I could be harkening back to my childhood and that glorious white-blonde hair that tends to leave most of us as we move toward puberty!!

I will keep you apprised on the status of my hair, since I know you all are sitting on the edge of your seat!!! lol lol lol

Have a great weekend and I will report my blood work results tomorrow.

Love you all,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VETERAN'S DAY: Some gave all

Today was a day that many in our nation stopped to recognize the Veterans past and present who have served honorably. There are so many that I would like to thank, especially Woody, for doing what they do. I know that I am forgetting many, but let me say a special thanks to Daddy Bud, Big Phil, Jeff P., Trey, James, J.C., Biscuit, Dustin, Dave, Melina, Joel, Tara, Krissie, Larry M., Larry E., Garth, Slim, Jeff H., Keith, ODA 584/5824, the old ODA 344 and ODA 346, Chris, Tony, and everyone else I have had the pleasure to know.

I am going to highlight three special friends who gave their all for our country. MSG Kelly Hornbeck, SSG Jason Brown, and CW2 Scott Dyer. For all of you who know us, you know these three men were very special to us, and most especially to Woody. They are always in our hearts. Kelly and Woody started out their Army careers together at Ft. Myer in 1987. I am sure D.C. was never the same! Scott and Woody started their Special Forces careers together at Ft. Bragg in 1993, and I KNOW Haiti was never the same! Jason began his Special Forces career in 2005 with Woody as his team leader. We were never the same after Jason came along. Sometimes when we think of them it is with laughter and sometimes it is with tears. As I spoke to Jason's dad, Slim, tonight it was with deep belly laughs that we remembered Jason!

Please keep all of our veterans in your thoughts and prayers.

Love you all,


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Veteran's Day in Hartselle, AL

Hartselle Jr. High School is where our niece, Tiffany, attends 8th grade. She invited Uncle Woody to participate in their annual Veteran's celebration, and this year he was able to attend. It was a beautiful program! There were probably 200 Veterans ranging from WWII to the Global War on Terrorism. As you can see from the photo, Woody wore his Class As and did he look handsome or what?!! Tiffany was surprised to see us and couldn't believe her mom and dad kept it from her!

The program included acknowledgement of all of the Veterans who stood as their era of service was announced. Woody started standing as the 80's were called out and sat down at the end! There were several students who read a special essay they had written on what Veteran's Day meant to them. They were wonderful and at times it was difficult to keep your eyes dry. The chorus and band performed beautifully. You could feel the emotion in the room as Taps was played. As close as that hit home for me, I can't even imagine the emotion in the bleachers full of Veterans.

My little brother, Richard, his wife, Rhonda, and Tiffany joined us for dinner Big Bob Gibsons!!! WOW!! We ordered too much so that we could enjoy the ribs and bbq the next day as we watched the Tide Roll over LSU!! My Dad and I are especially fond of their huge baked potato covered with chicken, cheese and a white sauce that is second to none!!

As far as the breast cancer thing goes, I am feeling good. Tomorrow starts my three days of no fresh veggies and fruits and staying away from big crowds and small kids. I am hopeful that when I go back to have my blood checked a week from now that it will show the shot I had to take worked. We will see!

As I have said before, it was wonderful having my grandmother with us for the week. I'm so thankful to have her. She is the most amazing woman. There is so much I could say about her, but that would take days on end! Da, I love you very much!!

I will go now. I hope you all have a great week. Please remember to pause on Tuesday, November 11th and have a moment of silence for all who gave their all for you and our country. Kelly, Scott, and Jason. You are all missed and loved!

I love you all,


Thursday, November 6, 2008


That is what I truly am! So far I have been tired and a little achy from the treatments and shot, but I haven't been sick like I could be. Of course, I did learn that just because I wasn't having a bad reaction to things didn't mean that I was completely healthy. I know that my body is going through a lot, so I have to take it easy for the most part to make sure I don't get really down.

On to fun stuff! Today is Destiny's birthday! I saw her for a few mintues and she looked great! Da Sims and I didn't get to have lunch with her, Laurie and Joseph which was a bummer. But, I am glad to have seen her.

Da Sims leaves tomorrow and although it will be sad, I know that she is probably looking forward to being in her own home, alone! Woody and I haven't let her do as much as she may have wanted to. She has complained that we have fed her way too much, but I know she has enjoyed it. Woody is a great cook!

Well, not too much more to share today. It has been pretty quiet around here! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Neulasta, the Day After...

I come to you today without a great deal of pain!! Yipppeee!!! Don't get me wrong, I do feel achy all over, kinda like the flue, but so far I haven't felt any bone pain. I am very grateful for that!

My body seems to be reacting well from the chemo treatment. As before, I haven't felt any nausea! My mouth is already becoming sensative, which didn't happen this early the last time. I am prepared though, with my mouth rinse and chapstick.

Today I am going to just relax and hang out with my Grandmother and enjoy some time with her. We are going to roll her hair later today so that she can be even more beautiful! She truly is beautiful and our family is so blessed to have her as our matriarch!

Have a great day. Love you all,


Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Down, Two to Go!

Today was my second chemo treatment. If you view the slideshow at the bottom of the blog, you can see a pic or two of the party room itself! As always, Woody and Destiny were right there with me through the entire 3 boring hours! We talk and joke a lot and get very excited each time a bag empties and we are ready for the next! My Grandmother held down the fort at home while we were gone. I'm so thankful to have her here with us.

Back to the treatment talk...My blood work came back really good today. My white count went up as hoped, so I got to enjoy a really big salad today!! It was awesome. I am feeling fine as I type. Tomorrow I go back for the shot that will help keep my white count up. I understand that it can make you feel as though you have the flu, but we will see what it does to me. I am always hopeful that I will continue to have a good reaction for the most part. Of course, I know that whatever happens, it is all going to be good in the end! I will have successfully completed all of the butt kicking needed to kick cancer out of my body!

I will close now and write more tomorrow or the next day!

Love you all,


Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Grandmother Arrives!

Well, it has been a few days since my last post. It has been busy and fun since my cousin, Nona, brought my Grandmother, Da Sims, up on Thursday night. It was nice seeing Nona and I think she was glad to have a little time to herself on the drive back to Alabama!

As you can see from the picture posted, I had a great lunch on Friday with Da Sims and Destiny. We had the best "girls" lunch at The Looking Glass. We sat outside and ended the lunch with wonderful desserts and coffee!!

I have been feeling great and have had no temp this entire time that I have had to be careful with my white count being so low. I worked yesterday. Destiny and I had a super nice couple come into town and we were looking at houses until after dark! It was great! Today I am getting back out and spending a bit more time with them finding the right one. I know that I am likely to be confined next week to the house, so I am enjoying this weekend very much!!

My second chemo is on Monday. If all is well with my white count then chemo will be a go. If not, then I don't know how it will go from there. I will keep you all posted.

I am so excited it is November! Our wonderful friend, Melina, will be coming home from Iraq just before Thanksgiving!!! She will be coming home to her very first home!!! (I mean she has lived in a house before, but this one will be the first one she has ever bought!!) It is going to be beautiful and is in the final stages of being finished. I can't wait to see her face when she walks through the front door!! I am sure it will be a welcome sight from her accommodations in Iraq!

Well, I should close this post now. Da Sims thinks I spend too much time on the computer which is making me tired. This from a woman who gets up in the middle of the night and reads the!!! I love you Da. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful Grandmother.

Have a great day and enjoy the extra hour.

Love you all,


Going Bald My Way!