Monday, April 6, 2009

Vacation Time...

I come to you this morning from my Mother's couch in South Alabama. It has been awhile, once again, since my last post. I must get better at this, but am not sure I have it in me like my friend Courtney (! Her dedication to her blog is inspirational!!

Woody and I have taken a vacation. The last time we really took time off was a trip to Ft. Bragg for a Memorial Fundraiser in honor of our friend Scott Dyer. This is a much overdue trip and we are enjoying ourselves very much.

We went to dinner Friday night at a dive called Butch Cassidy's. My Dad has touted their burgers and wings for sometime now, and he was spot on! Delicious, delicous, delicious!!! Saturday we drove down to Biloxi and Bay St. Louis. There is so much still to rebuild/repair from Hurricane Katrina. There is a lot resolve to do so and it shows in what they have accomplished since then. I will attach some pictures after we return home. Oh, we ate at the neatest beach bar & grill that afternoon called Shaggy's. It was great! We all enjoyed what we ordered, but my recommendation is the fried shrimp po boy my Dad got. Next time he knows to order it without the bread!!! There had to have been 3 dozen fresh yummie shrimp. He couldn't eat the bread of the sandwich if he wanted to enjoy the shrimp...they don't have a shrimp platter, so ordering without the bread of the sandwich is a round about way to get one. The waitresses really work hard too, so it was a good experience all the way around.

Last night we visited with our friends Brian and Elaine. They are native North Carolinians but now call South Alabama home. I believe it will remain that way from now on!! Oh, and we did convert them to Bama fans no matter what they may tell their friends from the "other side"...if you are from Alabama you know what that means! lol Tonight we are going back over to their house for some Carolina basketball. We haven't done that since our days in Fayetteville, NC, so we are all looking forward to it.

We are about to get ready for a day trip to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. My friend, Melanie, and her son are there so we plan to have lunch with them. I'm not sure yet, but we may have to go down to the FloraBama and put our feet in the sand there. If any of you are Jimmy Buffett fans, then you know the FloraBama actually exists! It is quite the dive and we haven't been there since before we got married 18 years ago!!

Have a beautiful week.

Love you all,


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mlynnham said...

We really enjoyed the visit with you and Woody. We had as much fun as the two of you did. See you tomorrow or Thurs at the Cottage.

Love you both,

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