Tuesday, March 17, 2009

long time, no post

It has been a while since I wrapped things up with radiation and said hello to you all...Hello! Things are going well. Since then I have had my first follow up appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Patel. He checked my blood and all seems to be tracking just fine post chemo. He didn't call me the day after my visit, so that means the liver is good to go!

I met a super nice lady from our church this week. Her name is Kelly and she will begin her chemo next week if all goes as planned. She is a beautiful young wife and mother of two who had to have a mastectomy. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her husband and children.

I have noticed something quite odd since getting diagnosed...I now hear of more women than ever before who have been diagnosed. Not to make light of a very serious situation, but it is almost like getting a new car...you never noticed how many were on the road until you bought yours! I went to a support group meeting a couple of weeks ago and met several long and short term survivors. It was great, and made me really want to get another one started with the girls I have recently met. I know I have said before that I wanted to do this and I think now is the time to get moving on it.

There is something I have to finally admit to everyone...I had my big "moment" a couple of weeks ago! It was the Sunday night after my radiation was finished. A longtime friend of ours, Terry, and his wife, Jennette, were visiting for just a night, and Destiny and Larry were here for dinner too. Sometime later that night I started crying and couldn't stop! I suppose I kept things bottled up a bit too long and it just poured out. I remember laying there in bed with Woody on one side and Destiny on the other until I fell asleep. Thank God for both of them! He put them both in my life for many reasons and this was one of the big ones. I think I was quite drained and just didn't have it in me until now to write about it. I would recommend to anyone going through this to let it out every now and then, don't wait until the very end!! I do have to tell a funny story, of course...Destiny said that she looked over at Woody and told him, "See, there was plenty of room in this bed for me to have spent the night before surgery!" She had told him she was spending the night before my surgery in September and sleeping with us!!! I love you, Des!

I think my sweet husband is beginning to stir, so I will close now. Since I am his "coffee wench" it is only appropriate for me to have it ready when he gets up!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all,


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mlynnham said...

Glad you had a good weekend. We will be glad when you come to Mobile. Love you both,

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