Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's Talk Running and Breast Cancer!

This morning I will make my radio debut! Cyleste Coppage, the director of the first annual Clarksville Half Marathon and owner of R3 running store, invited me to join her to talk about breast cancer this morning on AM 1400. She has talked me into forming a team and running the 1/2 on November 7th. I'm hoping that I will still like her when I'm done running!! Just teasing.

I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm sure it will all be ok. My main objective is to encourage women to take charge of their health. Remember, 'when in charge, be in charge'!!! If you believe there is something going on with your body that isn't normal, make the doctors listen to you!! They work for you!!

We have to come up with a team name and logo for the 1/2, so if anyone has any ideas feel free to make them known. We used the name "Save the Boobies" for the Making Strides walk last October, so I want to come up with something as fun, but new.

Better run (no pun intended!) and have a second cup of coffee and get my act together. Have a beautiful day.

Love you all,



Emily Doss said...

Hey Lynne- do you know Donna Pittman? She goes to Grace Community and is an avid runner. I think she is even starting to train others. Her blog is
This sounds like something that she would be into! :)
And have fun on the radio.

Clarksville Half Marathon Team said...
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cyleste said...

Hey Lynne, You did awesome on the Radio.. how fun was it.. and to appear in your SAVE THE BOOBIES Tee, Great ice breaker..!! Found another great shirt the other day.. Support the Girls!! Love it.. anyway, the group is started,, Right now Tuesday at 6, but working a new time frame or two days a week to support another time for people to come that can not come on Tuesdays. Can not wait to talk again to go over some things.... Remember Free to all Breat Cancer survivors, because you ladies (and some men) are so fun.. :) And we are starting to carry Moving Comfort Bras for Boobie prosthesis.. how cool is that.. Anyway, talk soon,,Call when you have a minute in between selling houses!! :) Great Job Again.. I know Donna Too,, she is doing a beginners training program for the YMCA and is very cool..

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