Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Headline News...sort of!

This was my attempt to be "on it" with my blog! I started it on Tuesday night and am finishing this morning...

...Yesterday Kelly Blevins and I met a reporter and photographer from The Leaf Chronicle at Beachaven Winery to do a spot on us. We are part of the first all woman team registered for Clarksville's first annual Half Marathon in November. Cyleste Coppage of R3 Running Store set things up and joined us along with several representatives from First Command. I believe a story will be done later on their sponsorship and team members who are also running.

So, go to http://www.theleafchronical.com on Sunday and check things out. We were asked how we decided to run and also we shared briefly our diagnosis. We have shared a more in depth story with Cyleste for her blog on the newspaper's site, so I am sure some of that will be used to put the story together. We were all suprised to hear that we would be in the Sunday addition and possibly on the front page no less!!

Kelly and I wore t-shirts with breast cancer slogans on them...the headline could be tricky!!! Our team name is "The Trotting Tatas"!! I have to thank Destiny for her brainstorming that got us such a catchy team name. They took several pictures, so it will be interesting to see which ones they use.

Our other team member, Kelly Sheets, couldn't be there, but there should be a follow up article highlighting her. Kelly was one of my chemo nurses. I can't imagine how hard her job is because I only had to deal with my cancer. Kelly deals with everyone's cancer that walks through their doors. She is awesome! I was so excited that she agreed to be on our team.


Woody and I went for a brisk walk this morning and I wore my new Sketcher "Shape Ups". I am loving them. My goal is to get to the point where I wear them pretty much all of the time. They are supposed to help with posture, firming the abs and buttocks and a laundry list of other things. I believe it!

I have to quickly tell about my trip on Thursday with Kelly B. It was her birthday and it was a chemo day. I, along with her husband and friend, David and Kelly, tried to make it as much fun as a birthday of chemo could be. We succeeded!! We took a cake, ate it and shared it. The girls also had a quickie pedicure. For some reason, we couldn't get David to let us paint his toenails pink!!! She did great and hasn't had a reaction for a couple of weeks now.

Better run. Lots to do today. Don't forget to check out the Leaf Chronicle tomorrow!

Love you all,


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