Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loss in the new year...

It is with a sad heart that I write this...my Grandmother Ham passed at 1230 this morning. We spent a wonderful family Christmas with her and my Pop on Christmas Eve and all seemed to be looking like a normal, uneventful new year.

It was on Sunday evening that she was rushed to the hospital. She had an anurism and was put in ICU on life support. Before that she, along with my Aunt Cindy and her family, had gone to the nursing home to visit with my Pop. My cousin Stephanie said they had a good week and weekend. I'm so happy that they have always lived next to Maw-Maw & Pop. She and her brother Jake were able to have a relationship with their grandparents that not nearly enough are blessed to have. I know they both are so thankful for those wonderful memories.

Today is also a happy day for a couple of reasons. One, my Maw-Maw Ham is now in Heaven with my Uncle Dennis who passed from cancer 3 years ago (on the same day she had the aneurism) and a sweet little baby boy that she lost when he was a baby. The other reason is my cousin Hayden (one of Maw-Maws many grandchildren!) turns 19. I hope that he will look at this day with happiness and tears of joy when he thinks of our grandmother, and I believe he will. Happy Birthday Hayden.

To my family, please know how much I love you, and especially my sweet Grandmother!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. Grandparents are very special, I have very fond memories of mine.


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