Monday, January 4, 2010

Promises, promises!

I have promised over and over that I would get better about updating my blog, and I have fallen short! Once again, I apologize.

It seems as though I don't know what to do with my blog now that I am cancer free. Before it was much easier, but I could update how my treatments were going and how I was feeling.

Now, I have to decide what needs to be said. Do I just blog about daily life now? Will anyone want to read it? I don't know, but am going to give it a shot!

I am excited about 2010. Personally, Woody and I are going to build a new house! We are both very excited. I am especially excited about my kitchen...going to have a burgandy stove! Yep, a burgandy stove!! Can't wait. We will be getting our current house ready for the market over the next few months and will probably list around summer. Wish us luck!

I also feel like I'm going to be a grandmother in about 9 weeks! Our niece, Kristen, is expecting a baby girl mid March. Since Woody and I have no children of our own, Riley will be very much like a grandbaby! I have already told Kristen that I stake my claim to at LEAST one week every summer (maybe other times during the year too) with Riley. She will come here and without her parents! I will get to spoil like crazy and send her home!!

S.E.E. Pink is going to grow by leaps and bounds this year too. Kelly and I are excited about it and will keep you posted on that too.

Well, I think I'll go now and pay a bit more attention to Boise State v TCU and especially my husband!

Have a great week. God Bless!



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