Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can cancer be a Blessing?...Yes, it can!!

As crazy as it sounds breast cancer is a blessing. Kelly and I were brought together by breast cancer and together we had a vision. That vision is S.E.E. Pink. The vision of S.E.E. Pink is Serve/Empower/Educate. If tonight was any indication of the positive impact our organization is going to have, then we need to get ready for a wild and wonderful ride!!

The support that Kelly and I receive from family and friends continues. It is with their support that we know we can accomplish the mission God has for us. Woody, my husband, was there tonight taking notes and making pizza runs and if David, Kelly's husband, hadn't been stuck at an airport then I know he would have been there too! Destiny, my bff, was right just like she was from the beginning. I know that the three of them will be an invaluable resource for the loved ones of our members. Michelle doesn't know what she has gotten herself into, because I see her working with the kids of our members. She is wonderful with young people and we are blessed to have her want to be a part of S.E.E. Pink.

I can't write tonight without talking about a very special young lady that came with her mom tonight. I have a new bff and her name is Markie!! She is 14 and precious. I know that her mom feels so blessed to have her. Her personality just fills the room and you can't help but be drawn into her world! I see big things in her future.

I will close now. It has been an emotional night and I need to get geared up for tomorrow. I have my 3rd follow up appointment with my oncologist and then Kelly and I are going with a new S.E.E. Pink member to her oncologist appointment at Vanderbilt. By the way, thanks Destiny for taking care of Kelly's little people!

Have a blessed weekend.


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