Monday, September 21, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

I started this post on September 22nd...This time last year we were joined in the manroom by my parents and Destiny in anticipation of my surgery the next morning. Joseph dropped by with an amazing chocolate cake and we all watched a bit of "Dancing with the Stars"! The next morning was the beginning of the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Since that fateful day I have survived surgery, chemo, a bald head, weight gain, radiation, new hair growth, and many emotions that are sometimes hard to put into words!

Now I will wrap it up! Today is October 1st and begins 31 days of breast cancer awareness. You won't be able to go anywhere without seeing something pink! I have grown to embrace the color and am thankful for a complection that doesn't clash with it! lol lol Seriously, the color pink is so significant to me now as a survivor. It's funny because I think everyone should know that I'm now wearing pink because of breast cancer, but how could they know if I don't tell them?!

The upcoming "firsts" are also going to bring a lot of emotions to the surface. On the 13th I will reminence about my first chemo and then comes the hair loss...

On a positive note, Kelly and I will kick off our new "care group", SEE Pink, on October 18th here in Clarksville. We are so excited about it and can't wait share our vision. We hope that our experiences and those of our loved ones will help encourage others to fight this disease with fire and a little humor! Stay tuned for pictures and a recap of the big event!

I will close for now. I promise, Destiny, that I will work hard to keep my blog updated from this point forward!!

Have a blessed day.

Love you all,

Lynne, Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!

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