Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making year later

Good morning,

Yesterday was the annual Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk in Nashville, TN. Woody and I walked all of it this year, but with a completely different team. It was the Clarksville Athletic Club group. There is another member who has been fighting BC this year and the club really ramped up their support! We had very cool tee shirts and very motivated walkers!

It was so different this year for me. Of course, I missed my friends from last year's walk. They walked for me, because I really couldn't walk it myself. I say I couldn't, but I might have been able to...we won't ever know! See, I was just coming off of my first chemo treatment and my white count was extremely low, so we just thought it best that I conserve my energy. Woody and I walked about half a mile and turned around and then we crossed the finish line with them!! This year, my sweet friend, Destiny, was not by my side and that was hard. She wasn't feeling well and couldn't come out. She was by my side from the get go, so it is bittersweet for me when she isn't there at momentous times. Love you girl!

I had better close now. I have to get ready to go work the nursery at church, go to 11:30 service and then come home to get ready for the Baptism ceremony...of which I will partake in! Yep, Lynne is getting Baptized today! I'm so excited!!

Have a blessed day everyone.



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corkyshell said...

Ooo I got a little teary eyed! Glad the walk went well and yes CAC really went above and beyond this year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everytime I'm there, I run on the treadmills that donate $.10 for each mile :)

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