Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bald is Beautiful, Part Deux

Good morning. In continuation of what is likely to be a three or four part series, I want to talk about my trip into baldness!

Monday afternoon Destiny and I went on a mission to find scarfs of some sort due to my impending baldness. We went to Kohls because we knew ours wouldn't be too crowded in the middle of the afternoon. Of course, there weren't any scarves to speak of that would work on my head, so we were drawn to the hats. (Oh, I forgot to mention that I had decided to take my wig out for a test drive yesterday!)

Imagine the scene...Destiny and I are oohhing and aahhing over the pretty hats that had a matching scarf and/or gloves. Destiny picks up the prettiest winter white hat that is sooo soft and says, "Look at this one!". My eyes got big and I think I said something like "that is so glamorous" and had to try it on. It occurred to me that I wouldn't be wearing it with my wig on, so I said to Destiny, "Here, hold my hair!"!!! I pulled my wig off and promptly handed it to her!!! It was hilarious!! I don't know what anyone might have thought had they been in earshot and we really didn't care, because it was a glamorous hat!

We went crazy and I got four awesome hats, a couple of new scarves and a pair of yummy gloves. I have also decided that it is not likely that I will wear a wig a lot over the next few months. They really itch. I have no idea how people wear them by choice!!!

I will update again once we take off the rest of the hair. We are probably going to do it this afternoon. I don't want to see a patch here and there. I would rather just join Woody in the ranks of baldness all at once!!

Have a great week.

Love you all,



Anonymous said...

Your to funny, I told Larry about it last night he was cracking up at the thoughts of what we did. I did have someone tell me that you should put Gold Bond cream on your head so it wouldn't itch! Sounds messy to me.

You know blonde, red or bald you will always be beautiful, don't ever forget that.

See you in a little bit.

mlynnham said...

Destiny, you are too sweet and good. You girls have a good time, no matter what.

Love you both,

Going Bald My Way!