Monday, October 20, 2008

First Post!

Today is my first try at posting something for you to view! I had a great day today and am feeling really good! I was back at work pretty much full swing and am very hopeful I will have many more through the winter months!

My first chemo treatment was a week ago, so I have two more weeks until #2. I go on Friday to have my bloodwork done, so I am also expecting those numbers to be good!! The medicine they give me prior to the chemo has made me feel as though I am never full!!!!! That is so not good. I am going to have to come up with something to trigger me into thinking that I am so that I don't eat too much. Of course, I am much happier having an appetite than being sick all of the time!

I am preparing myself just in case I lose my hair. I ordered a couple of caps today just in case. If I don't need them, then I will donate them to someone. Before my treatment I had my hair cut and colored red (pic to be posted soon!) and then as we are sitting in the chemo party room Destiny found an article that said you shouldn't color your hair at all before beginning treatment, so I may have set myself up...we will see!! Wish me luck.

Well, that is pretty much it. Have a great week!



Thea said...

Welcome to the Blog world! This will be great to have to follow you up on. Thank you for doing this. It will also be a good outlet for you to just journal your heart out. Don't hold anything back. People will know what to pray for!
I don't know what you are going through and I won't make like I do. If I say something that hurts your feelings or causes you to be sad or mad, I'm sorry ahead of time. I would never say or do anything to hurt you. I might have some stupid ideas but I am just trying to help. That is my personality. Like for instance,
IF you lose your hair, will you be getting wigs? I know you said you got some caps. If you feel up to it, try and have fun with wigs. See, FUN with wigs, what is that Thea! I see my Mom have fun with wigs, that is why I said it. Try the styles and colors you might have always wondered about. Whenever I go to Flordia we both always go to a wig shop and try on all different types to see what we want to grow our hair to or the color we will eventually want to be or what NOT to do with our hair! Wigs can be expensive though but if you found something you liked, I would help get it for you, if not get it. Anyway, you are in my prayers. Glad to see you at work yesterday!

jungmanns said...

Lynne, I'm glad that you decided to blog about your experience. I am sad that you are going through this. I know that you are a strong, upbeat, positive person and will come through this with flying colors. You have a great support team. Hang in there and keep blogging.

Shannon Jungmann

Thea said...

Hey, today is Art and I's 19th year anniversary! I cannot believe it.
Also, on another note, last night Nick was injured in his Championship football game in the 2nd quarter. He has a concussion. So please pray for him. I am home with him now.
Have a great day and enjoy blogging! I just found it too and I LOVE it!

Emily Doss said...

so glad you have a blog now. hope to see you tonight. ~Emily

Susan said...

What a great way to keep us posted on your progress. I am glad you are feeling well and that you are able to go to work. At least that will keep you busy and your mind off of this. I would love to see your new "red hair" as soon as you can post a photo. Keep your head up and know that you have so many people all over the country who love you and are praying for you. Before you know it you will have this disease behind you and will be back to living a normal life, as a cancer survivor! Please let us know what we can do to support you. Send Woody our love also.

Champ said...

I hope to see you soon!Melissa

Leslie Pigg said...

Thank you so much, Lynne, for keeping us posted. I want to see that red hair! I got to see the "before" that day at Lyndon's but did not get to see the "after!" I know you look beautiful! Thanks for the updates and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kari said...

Hey there beautiful!!!! Keep the updates coming and the pictures flowing. You are one of the strongest people I know, and I am so happy I can follow your treatment. I admire your drive and perseverance to keep your spirits up and fight this with a smile. James and I love you so much!!! Keep that great smile on your gorgeous face.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for telling the world I agreed to be the food patrol, I guess I'll be giving you the "I should have had a V-8" smack in the head!(LOL).

I love you girl


mlynnham said...

So is Destiny doing her job today. Hope you are doing good.

Love you

Vivian said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well. Your mother keeps me informed. Hope the time flys by and you keep that red hair

Kari said...
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mlynnham said...

Hope you got some rest today. I showed Jay your blog sight and your Powerpoint presentation for your Biblestudy project. He liked both. Love you and Woody.


rhonda said...

hey lynne, this is rhonda. Richard forwarded me your blog address and i just finished reading it. I am glad you are doing well. Saw the picture of the red hair . looks good. keep the positive attitude you are an inspiration to others with all your optimism.
love ya,

Tiffany said...

hey aunt Lynne.
this is Tiffany.
my mom and i were just reading your blog.And decided to leave you a comment.Good Luck with everything.
i love you,

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