Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bald is Beautiful!

Let's hope that is true when my hair falls out!! It is so strange that only yesterday I noticed that my hair has been thinning for days! It was so gradual that it didn't occur to me until I took my ponytail out after the walk. There was much more hair there than should have been, so I knew what was coming next.

Woody, Destiny and I picked out a wig on Friday after my appointment at the oncologist. I was being on the safe side and really didn't realize what was happening. My thoughts were that I would donate it if I didn't lose mine, but deep down I thought I would lose it. I am so vien about my hair, that something told me that would be my side effect versus being sick.

Well, it is a coming and I am going to embrace it! Woody shaved his head today and looks totally hot!!! So, we are going to be bald together. We are going to set up a time to just shave it off and be done with it! I will embrace being bald and Woody is committed to being bald as long as I am!!

It is time to go and catch some z's. I am working for a bit tomorrow, but only for a bit and not around people!!

Have a wonderful week and let's all say a big ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

Love you all,



ashley said...

Lynne... you two are so strong.. it inspires me... i hope to have someone someday that loves me as much as he loves u .. how cool is it that you both can embrace this in such a positive way... got u in my prayers , cant wait to see u all... love u..ash

Kari said...

Hey Lynne,

Thanks for all of the information. My first instinct was to start doing some research - now I don't have to. :)
Just thought I would let you know that I am going to grow my hair out as long as I can the next couple of months. The plan is to fly down and see you next year and cut it all off with you there (yes you can have say in the new do) and donate it.
I cannot be there with you now, but I want to show my support in some way.
Keep smiling. Your strength is an inspiration to all of us. I love you and miss you.

P.S. I think James is going to join Woody in going bald also. I will let you know as soon as he cuts his off too, and I will send you a picture.

Going Bald My Way!