Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today I come to you from the manroom where I sit watching football with Woody and can smell the greens a cookin! Love the tradition of blackeyed peas and greens on New Year's Day. I know it doesn't really work and provide me with good luck and money, but they sure do taste good! That cornbread will be good too!!

I am excited about this new year. As I talked with Destiny this morning, I was reminded that I needed to put my "bucket list 09" down on paper so that I can check them off as the year progresses. Woody and I put some down on paper yesterday, but I want to put some up more prominently than others and will do that today. If you can't see a goal, you can't reach it!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and that your team(s) win big! Of course we are first and foremost pulling for all SEC teams, especially BAMA! Then comes Clemson (beat Nebraska for Dayna!) and Penn State needs to crush USC!

Love you all,


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Kari said...

Hey Lynne!!!
I just want to wish you and Woody a Happy New Year. Keep fighting and staying strong throughout. James and I think and talk about you all of the time. We both miss you both terribly.

Remember to smile. Oh by the way, I hope you remember to put "Complete Associates Degree" on your 2009 list. I have not forgotten the promise you made to me and Destiny made to me. I know you can do it and I will be there cheering you on no matter what. One class to go.

I love you and miss you lots. I will call later on.

Love Always,

Going Bald My Way!