Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4, FOUR, IV...

...no matter how you say it, today is day four in the countdown to the end of radiation!!

Yesterday was great. Woody was promoted to CW03 (Chief Warrant Officer 3 for my non military friends!) and there was a small promotion ceremony for him. The Colonel took off his CW2 rank and I put on the new! It was quite an honor to do that for him. My husband doesn't care for a lot hoopla surrounding work things, but I think he did appreciate the moment we shared.

I am up early today doing this post because I have awakened twice sweating like crazy!! That is the worst part of chemically induced (or natural, I'm sure) menopause. It isn't bad every night, so I try to take the bad ones in stride. Of course, later today when I'm dog tired someone else might think its bad when I'm irritable!!

Have a wonderful day.

Love you all,


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