Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yes, that's right, I'm done with radiation!! WHOOHOO! We are sitting here having coffee in a post radiation home and it is a lovely thing. I will miss my girls at the center, but am so happy to have this part behind me.

We had a great time. Yes, I said a great time at my last appointment. Destiny and I got there and walked in with the cake only to find out that the machine had gone down!! Can you believe that one? I couldn't, but we took it in stride and just hung out eating cake, drinking coffee, amd chatting with other patients and the staff. Before they got it fixed Woody called and was able to be there with us! I will upload some pictures later on. The day ended with a closing and then a showing. It was wonderful all of the way around.

I can't thank Woody enough for being such a supportive husband through all of this, because I know it's been hard for him. Destiny has been a rock for both Woody and me with her support. I couldn't have done chemo and radiation without them. I have to also thank all of my family and friends who have encouraged me through this journey. If I didn't say it or say it enough, I appreciate it.

I am taking the weekend off and will begin my Tamoxifen on Monday night. There is a chance it will make me feel sick to my stomach, so I don't want to deal with that during the day. I will post the side effects that I have as time goes on.

Have a beautiful weekend and don't forget to spring forward!

Love you all,



corkyshell said...

Yeah! I am so happy and proud of you! That is quite the accomplishment :)

mlynnham said...

I am so glad you are finished with your treatments. I, as well, can't thank Woody enough for being such a good husband to you. He is such a good man. We really love him. Also, thanks to Destiny, she has been a good "sister" to you and I consider her a second daughter. Thanks to both of you and thanks to you Lynne for being such a wonderful daughter.

Love you,

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