Monday, March 2, 2009


Today is FIVE in the final countdown to the end of radiation!! Yea!! We will see if I can post each day this week and make my blog look good...5, 4, 3, etc. I have not shown nearly enough attention to it as I should have.

Yesterday was a great day. First, I was asked to participate in a special service at church. It was awesome. The series we have been doing is "Am I the only one?". At the end of the service, 17 others and I walked across the stage during a song and held up a cardboard testimony. Mine, as you may guess, had to do with breast cancer. It said on one side "Attacked by breast cancer" and on the other "Healed by the Grace of God". I was much more in awe of the others who walked across that stage. I don't know if I would have had the courage to admit to everyone some of the things they did. There were signs about childhood sexual abuse, marriages in distress, infertility, drug abuse, no sense of self, selfishness, etc. It was easy to make my walk because my problem is visible and I have been very outspoken about it from the beginning. The strength it took for the others to make their walk definitely came from their relationship with God. They will be a huge catalyst of good and hope for others. God Bless them.

The second thing that made yesterday so good happened after I got to the office for my floor duty. Immediately after I opened the doors for business, a family came in that needed to sell their home and purchase another! They are a very nice family and their son was super sweet. He wanted to be a part of the process and it was fun making sure he wasn't excluded. He went into detail about what he wanted and needed in his room of the new home! Destiny and I will make sure we keep those things in mind as we help them make the transition from one home to another. Later that day, we were also reconnected with someone we met while working with the school system. It will be fun working with her and helping to make her dreams of entrepreneurship come true.

When I got home Woody had already grilled porkchops for dinner and chicken for the week! He is awesome and I love him so much. What a blessed woman I am to have him as my husband and to have the family and friends that I have.

Thank you and I love you all!


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