Friday, November 28, 2008

We Say Merry Christmas!

I titled this blog "We Say Merry Christmas" because we do! Anytime someone says "Happy Holidays" I always answer with "Merry Christmas". I'm sure there are many employers who do not allow their associates to say antyhing that might "offend" someone, so, those associates often have no choice in the matter and I can respect that. We have bumper stickers that we got from Bill O'Reilly when I ordered Woody a "no pin-heads" door mat that are ready to get taped in the window (we don't apply actual bumper stickers to our cars)! As you have probably guessed, they say "We Say Merry Christmas"!!

I love the Christmas season! Family and friends are everything and this time of the year really makes one reflect about what is important. Of course, this Christmas season is especially important to us. I'm so blessed to have my husband at home while I go through the bump in the road. Today we strung the lights on our Christmas tree and put all of the ornaments on it. It is quite pretty and festive!

On the cancer front: I have been a bit tired this week and have actually taken naps! My Neulasta shot made me achy and it lasted through last night. Again, it wasn't excrutiating, but it was constant enough to make me aware of it! I have continued to be blessed by not really being sick from the chemo. I have experienced the "chemo brain" quite a lot lately. It is so hard to remember things from one minute to the next. I have also been experiencing "hot flashes"!! Those are not fun, trust me! But, I will take them over throwing up any day of the week!!

We got a wonderful Christmas present today...Alabama beat Auburn!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! We end the regular season undefeated and meet Flroida in the SEC championship game next Saturday. Can we all say "BEAT FLORIDA"?!

Take care and I love you all!


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