Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best Friends are Awesome!!

I am so excited! My friend, Meli, of over 20 years will arrive in Nashville tomorrow morning!! We will get to enjoy some much overdue time together. We used to have two weekends each year where we went to the beach and to Atlanta for Christmas shopping. Life, of course, took over and those weekends seemed to end. Since moving to Clarksville, we have started them back up and have enjoyed shopping at Opry Mills and hanging out in Clarksville each November.

This weekend, thanks to the Neulasta shot, I get to shop with her and not wear a mask!! We will only hit the mall on Friday for a few hours and then head to Clarksville for the rest of the weekend. She is going to teach me to make her famous pumpkin roll and I can't wait!! It is yummy and I'm sure there are no calories at all so I can make many for the holidays!!!!!

I have to thank Destiny, again, for helping me break through my Brick Wall on Monday! Her ability to move right into "we can get through anything" mode was right on time!! By Tuesday morning I was back to myself. Yesterday she and I were back at Kohl's. This was her shopping trip, but she moved right over the hat section again and helped me find a new fun hat that doesn't feel like it is going to fall down over my eyes!! She also came across a headband (we were laughing because I was trying on actual me, it was funny to see!!) that I can actually use as a head scarf. It doesn't hang down in the back like the "cancer scarves" I have found online. I just don't care for those because they scream "I'm sick" and I don't like to feel that way everyday. Des, you are the best!!!

A big shout out to Laurie and the "little people"!! It was fun hanging out for a bit yesterday. I just can't get over how much Sidney and Noah are growing and changing. Sidney is going to be just like her Mom and I'm so glad!!!! Noah is just fun to be around because he just seems to have the "don't worry, be happy" attitude!! Bet he will make it through life a bit easier because of it. Love you, girl.

I had better go now. I must get ready for work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all,


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