Monday, November 17, 2008

Brick Walls

Well it finally happened. I hit my brick wall today! Actually, it was last night and it just carried over to this morning. I suppose even those of us with the most optimistic outlooks can have bad days. Thankfully, I sit here tonight feeling much better. It is amazing what a few tears can do for you.

As much as I really don't mind that my hair is gone and it appears that white is moving in, I just really didn't want to bald today! After Destiny cut some pretty cute bangs on my wig this morning, I felt like I looked like my old self again. Of course, at the end of the day the wig had to come off! They really aren't very comfortable and I am enjoying the freedom of being bald sitting on my couch!

I am going to close now. Things are heating up in Real Estate today, so I am hopeful that I will be busy with offers over the next few days! Send good vibes my way!

Love you all,



mlynnham said...

I tried to send something earlier but don't think it went so here it is again. If you get it twice just ignore one of them.
I am glad you were feeling better when I talked to you yesterday. I told Jay you were a little bit down and he said tell you remember what he told you about being bald. You are still our pretty little girl and we love you anyway that you are. Stay happy and just remember how much your family and friends love you.

Mom & Jay

Kari said...

I love you. You are an inspiration to me and everyone whose life you have touched. I look to you as a role model for optimism, strength, courage, and love.

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynne,
I love tihs blog Idea. I hope you're hanging in there. I am looking forward to coming up for a long overdue visit after the holidays. xoxox Amy

Going Bald My Way!