Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Down and One to Go!!!

Well, yesterday I had my 3rd chemo, did a final walk-through for a closing this evening, and showed a house! Today, I took it a bit slower...phone calls from home, Neulasta shot, and a closing at 5!!!!

As before, I have been responding well with chemo. My face was quite red this morning and I woke with a headache that 2 extra strength tylenol and a big cup of coffee seems to be knocking out! I am praying that I continue with this type of response this week and after my last treatment on December 15th. I am sure it will, because I have been on more prayer list than you can imagine. If you think prayer doesn't work, just ask me! Thank you to all of prayer angels!

I hope you all have plans for a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Woody and I are going to Destiny's for some good eating! She is making the turkey and a few sides (apple pie!!) and we are bringing dressing, sweet potato casserole, and homemade pumpkin roll. She said if I am feeling bad from the Neulasta shot, then I can just march myself right over in my pjs!!! Now that is a true friend, and one that just might see me in my pjs!!!

I am getting excited about my presentation on the 5th to the Clarksville Mom's Club on breast cancer. I will talk briefly about my diagnosis, surgery and treatment as well as show my mammogram film and ultrasound results. The big difference will be the mammogram said "all clear" and the ultrasound said "you have breast cancer". I have gotten a box of booklets from one company that has a lot of good information in them. I am going to put together additional info for the packets that I hope someone will find helpful.

I have found a neat little game for them to play for door prizes...it is "breast cancer bingo"!! It is cool because on the back of each card will be a fact that I will read about nutrition, exercise, etc.

Well, I am going to close now. I am getting a little tired. My mouth and lips are dry from the chemo and my body is beginning to ache a bit from the shot. That is all to be expected, so no worries! I have been extremely blessed through this whole thing and expect to have the same type of results from the radiation after the first of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving and I love you all!


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