Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Down, Two to Go!

Today was my second chemo treatment. If you view the slideshow at the bottom of the blog, you can see a pic or two of the party room itself! As always, Woody and Destiny were right there with me through the entire 3 boring hours! We talk and joke a lot and get very excited each time a bag empties and we are ready for the next! My Grandmother held down the fort at home while we were gone. I'm so thankful to have her here with us.

Back to the treatment talk...My blood work came back really good today. My white count went up as hoped, so I got to enjoy a really big salad today!! It was awesome. I am feeling fine as I type. Tomorrow I go back for the shot that will help keep my white count up. I understand that it can make you feel as though you have the flu, but we will see what it does to me. I am always hopeful that I will continue to have a good reaction for the most part. Of course, I know that whatever happens, it is all going to be good in the end! I will have successfully completed all of the butt kicking needed to kick cancer out of my body!

I will close now and write more tomorrow or the next day!

Love you all,


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