Thursday, November 6, 2008


That is what I truly am! So far I have been tired and a little achy from the treatments and shot, but I haven't been sick like I could be. Of course, I did learn that just because I wasn't having a bad reaction to things didn't mean that I was completely healthy. I know that my body is going through a lot, so I have to take it easy for the most part to make sure I don't get really down.

On to fun stuff! Today is Destiny's birthday! I saw her for a few mintues and she looked great! Da Sims and I didn't get to have lunch with her, Laurie and Joseph which was a bummer. But, I am glad to have seen her.

Da Sims leaves tomorrow and although it will be sad, I know that she is probably looking forward to being in her own home, alone! Woody and I haven't let her do as much as she may have wanted to. She has complained that we have fed her way too much, but I know she has enjoyed it. Woody is a great cook!

Well, not too much more to share today. It has been pretty quiet around here! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love you all,



mlynnham said...

Hope you all have fun tomorrow. Don't get too tired. Love you all,


Kari said...

Hey Lynne,

I am so happy to hear you're feeling okay. I really appreciate all of the updates. Let me know when you're up for a phone call. I would love to chat a bit. I miss you and love you!!!!

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