Sunday, November 9, 2008

Veteran's Day in Hartselle, AL

Hartselle Jr. High School is where our niece, Tiffany, attends 8th grade. She invited Uncle Woody to participate in their annual Veteran's celebration, and this year he was able to attend. It was a beautiful program! There were probably 200 Veterans ranging from WWII to the Global War on Terrorism. As you can see from the photo, Woody wore his Class As and did he look handsome or what?!! Tiffany was surprised to see us and couldn't believe her mom and dad kept it from her!

The program included acknowledgement of all of the Veterans who stood as their era of service was announced. Woody started standing as the 80's were called out and sat down at the end! There were several students who read a special essay they had written on what Veteran's Day meant to them. They were wonderful and at times it was difficult to keep your eyes dry. The chorus and band performed beautifully. You could feel the emotion in the room as Taps was played. As close as that hit home for me, I can't even imagine the emotion in the bleachers full of Veterans.

My little brother, Richard, his wife, Rhonda, and Tiffany joined us for dinner Big Bob Gibsons!!! WOW!! We ordered too much so that we could enjoy the ribs and bbq the next day as we watched the Tide Roll over LSU!! My Dad and I are especially fond of their huge baked potato covered with chicken, cheese and a white sauce that is second to none!!

As far as the breast cancer thing goes, I am feeling good. Tomorrow starts my three days of no fresh veggies and fruits and staying away from big crowds and small kids. I am hopeful that when I go back to have my blood checked a week from now that it will show the shot I had to take worked. We will see!

As I have said before, it was wonderful having my grandmother with us for the week. I'm so thankful to have her. She is the most amazing woman. There is so much I could say about her, but that would take days on end! Da, I love you very much!!

I will go now. I hope you all have a great week. Please remember to pause on Tuesday, November 11th and have a moment of silence for all who gave their all for you and our country. Kelly, Scott, and Jason. You are all missed and loved!

I love you all,



mlynnham said...

Glad you had a good time with the Ham family in Hartselle. Tiffany is such a beautiful girl. I am sure she was really glad that you and Woody came to her school.

Have a good day.

Love you both,

rhonda said...

hey this is Tiffany!
im so glad you and Uncle Woody came to the Veterans Day was fun eating at Big Bob Gibsons with yall!
love youuu both!

love tiffany

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